About The Scandi Way

Guided by our values

Our vision describes WHAT we want to achieve. Our values are the basis of our corporate culture and support HOW we will reach our goals and vision. We strive to be “Better” in all aspects as Scandi’s values guide us towards the behaviours we see as important.

To ensure we are “Better”, it is important that we work with an open mindset to help each other across country and functional boundaries and contribute to Scandi’s success.

Every day we need to challenge the way we work, ask “Better” questions to get “Better” solutions and learn from our experiences to constantly improve.

Sense of Urgency
There is no time to waste as time waits for no one. To stay relevant, we need to act quickly and smartly, and always have a sense of urgency. How can we help our consumers to understand that by choosing us they have made a “Better” choice?