About The Scandi Way

The Scandi Way – our framework and goals

We have developed a strategic framework for sustainable business development called The Scandi Way, based on identified priority responsibility and sustainability aspects.

This framework sets the standard for the Group’s joint sustainability work and defines the approach and general goals as well as KPIs for each focus area within People, Chickens and Planet. Each country and plant have the responsibility to comply with the framework and contribute to our goals, they can also adopt a higher level of ambition where appropriate and where possible.


The Scandi Way


Focus on what matters – Materiality analysis

In 2017 Scandi Standard identified material sustainability aspects and risks through a sustainability materiality analysis. The analysis was performed in an internal process with a broad representation of key functions and people from every part of the business. It was based on assessments of the impact of operations through the value chain, stakeholder expectations, our company mission and strategic goals. Important input values included knowledge that we accumulated from stakeholder dialogues, as well as risk analyses, market analyses and external frameworks, such as Agenda 2030 and Global Compact.

Identified focus areas was summarised under the following headings: Health, Food safety and hygiene, Animal welfare, Climate and resource efficiency, Good workplace and Good business ethics. From this we then formed our framework The Scandiway, with defined focus, level of ambition, targets and KPIs. The materiality analysis is a continuous process. The result has been checked against the company’s standard market and risk analyses, and in dialogue with investors, customers and other stakeholders.

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