About The Scandi Way

Our responsibility and contribution to sustainable development

For Scandi Standard, sustainable development is about promoting profitable growth over time by creating genuine value for stakeholders and society as a whole. We will contribute to the joy of food and a sustainable food supply, by providing healthy, innovative chicken products that are produced in a responsible and resource-efficient way. This also forms the basis for our new vision that was formulated during the year: Better Chicken for a Better Life.

We have high ambitions: we want to be the industry leader in animal welfare; healthy, safe products; and environmental and social responsibility. This means that we have to work proactively to identify and manage risks, drive development and improvement work throughout the value chain, and make the most of the added values while meeting higher expectations and addressing new consumer trends. For example, we recognise the potential of greater awareness of the antibiotics issue and products with a lower climate footprint.

The Scandi Way
We have developed a strategic framework for sustainable business development called The Scandi Way, based on priority responsibility and sustainability issues that were identified in 2017–2018. This framework sets the standard for the Group’s sustainability work on key Group-wide issues. Each country and plant can also choose to adopt a higher level of ambition where appropriate and where possible.