About The Scandi Way

The way we work with sustainability

During 2017 Scandi laid the foundations for more focused and strategic group-wide work regarding responsibility and sustainable development.

We have conducted a materiality analysis, based on our vision, the impact of our operations on the value chain and the expectations of our stakeholders. A number of priority aspects and target areas were defined in this analysis. This was brought into effect via an internal process, where key individuals from all areas of our business were represented. The input values for this work included looking at the work that is currently being carried out and accumulated knowledge from stakeholder dialogues and risk analyses, plus market analyses and external frameworks, such as Agenda 2030. The aspects that were considered to be the most important have been summarised under the following headings: People – Chickens – Planet.

How to move to the better
We believe measurement and follow-up takes you closer to your target and, due to that, have set up measurable goals for each area, People – Chickens – Planet. We have integrated sustainability aspects into current areas of responsibility, processes and working methods; sustainability is part of our business DNA. Measurable targets and KPIs have been set for all areas and these are digitally measured at least each quarter, perferably each month.

Proud to work for The Scandi Way
At Scandi we all have the opportunity to get engaged in striving to be "Better".

Scandi has a steering group for Sustainability at the Group level. Working closely with the Sustainability Project Group, this steering group is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of priority activities in our sustainability work and for reporting to the Group management team. The steering group consists of strategic project managers appointed for each priority area, who are responsible for the implementation of the agreed activities to reach our goals.

We meet and work together on a regular basis and are always open to helping each other become "Better".