About The Scandi Way

The way we work with sustainability

During 2017 Scandi laid the foundations for more focused and strategic group-wide work regarding responsibility and sustainable development.

The focus after that was on implementing and communicating this framework in the organisation, establishing goals and performance indicators, and following them up. The starting point has been to integrate issues surrounding responsibility and sustainability into business strategies, current areas of responsibility, processes and working methods.

KPIs have been unanimously decided for all areas, including a joint system for monthly data reporting. Goals and activities have been established for several areas, while they are still being developed for others.

There is a steering group for Sustainability at Group level that is responsible for coordinating and monitoring priority activities, and for reporting to the Group Management team. A strategic project manager has been appointed for each area who will work with local representatives to drive and implement the activities that have been decided.

Materiality analysis – focus on what is most important
Work on responsibility and sustainable development covers a wide spectrum of issues, with the main focus on the areas where we have the greatest impact, where we can make a difference, and that are the most important for our stakeholders.

Priority issues and target areas in The Scandi Way have been identified based on a materiality analysis that was compiled in 2017. This analysis was performed internally and featured a broad representation of key people from every part of the business. It was based on the impact of operations through the value chain, the expectations of the stakeholders, the mission and overall goals.

The input vales for this work included looking at the work that is currently being carried out and accumulated knowledge from stakeholder dialogues and risk analyses, as well as market analyses and external frameworks, such as Agenda 2030. The materiality analysis is a living process. The results were checked during the year against the standard market and risk analyses, and in dialogue with other investors and customers.

We meet and work together on a regular basis and are always open to helping each other become "Better".

Scandi Standard and Agenda 2030
Scandi Standard supports Agenda 2030 in its entirety and understands that we have both the responsibility and the opportunity to contribute to several goals through our operations. Some goals and sub-goals are directly linked to our business, for example: Goal 2 on a sustainable food supply and safe and nutritious food; Goal 3 for good health and well-being; and Goal 12 on sustainable production and consumption.