Healthy chickens is a given

Our starting point is that each chicken must be comfortable and bred in a good environment, from hatching to slaughter. Good animal welfare is an intrinsic part of our operations for ethical reasons, not only because it is what we and our consumers expect, but also because it is directly linked to quality, resource efficiency and profitability.

Providing the right pen environment and the right feed is essential for keeping chickens healthy, helping them grow and to providing nutrition and energy as efficiently as possible. Only healthy chickens can grow in a good way.

We work with carefully selected growers in each country and set strict requirements based on a Nordic platform for raising chicken. These requirements include, for example, animals being able to move freely in the chicken house and no growth hormones being used. Antibiotics or any other kind of medicine may only be given to sick animals.

There are also clear requirements for heating, lighting, ventilation, bedding and equipment for feed and water. The health of chicken flocks is monitored on a daily basis and measured using a number of key figures. One of the parameters that is monitored carefully is the dryness of straw bedding, which can be checked by the foot health of the chickens.

The condition of foot pads is monitored and registered for each chicken flock at the slaughterhouse. With good foot health, we can increase the proportion of high quality chicken feet exported as food, instead of going to animal feed, therefore increasing revenue.