We say no to antibiotics

Increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a serious threat for global health. The preventive use of antibiotics when raising animals is an important factor, and we are committed to do our part to halt this trend. In Scandi Standard supply chains antibiotics are never used as a preventive measure.

Antibiotic treatment on our contract farms is only done when necessary because of illness. The actual use of antibiotics amongst Scandi Standard growers in the Nordics is very low, a good indicator of good animal welfare & husbandry. We have set a target to keep the share of treated flocks under 1 percent, and have been able to keep the number below 0,5 percent the latest years. This can be compared to approximately 40–80 percent treated flocks in some European countries.

Since September 2017 Scandi Standard for the first time include a non-Nordic company, Manor Farm in Ireland. Starting from a higher proportion of treated flocks, we have together worked determined to reduce the usage of antibiotics towards a Nordic level. A year later – in August 2018 – the level is reduced by 40 percent.