No antibiotics

In accordance with current legislation in the Nordic region, antibiotics are not used as a preventive measure in the rearing process, unlike many other countries. The use of antibiotics among Nordic breeders is also very low, a sign of good animal husbandry.

The increasing resistance to antibiotics is a global health challenge, and we understand that we play an important role in minimising the use of antibiotics in food production. This in particular when we integrate operations in the Group that are outside the Nordic region. Since the Irish company Manor Farm became part of Scandi Standard in 2017, the use of antibiotics for the Irish operations has fallen by 55 percent in two years through targeted work. This trend is continuing in the right direction and levels should be on a par with Nordic levels within the next two years.

Our Group target is for the percentage of flocks treated with antibiotics to be lower than 1 percent.

Percentage of flocks treated with antibiotics

The reported use of antibiotics can be compared
with 40−80 percent of flocks treated in
many European countries. Scandi Standard’s
target for this figure is to be less than 1 percent,
which has actually been achieved by the
Nordic countries in recent years. The work to
reduce antibiotic in the Irish operations have
been successful in 2018–2019. The difference
from other countries in the Group is still
significant though the assessment is to be
able to reach the goal within two more years.


Groupwide statement on Antibiotics
We have clarified our attitude towards antibiotics in a new Group-wide statement that was decided in 2019, which you can read HERE. This statement, our working methods and the results in the Nordic companies lead the way in a global comparison, and also lead the way when compared with the stricter EU rules for the use of antibiotics in animal production, which were decided in November 2018.

Significant reduction in the use of antibiotics in Ireland
Please, read more about this HERE.