Healthy and climate friendly products

We want to inspire people to eat good chicken because of its taste, health benefits and lower climate impact. Through innovative, attractive products, we want to promote a transition from red to white meat, which is in line with the recommendations for a healthy diet from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR).

The production of chicken is also much more climate-friendly than the production of beef and pork. This is an important advantage as the demand for animal protein increases and poses a major environmental challenge.

We are working continually on developing our products and ranges, focusing more on nutrition and issues surrounding additives, sugar content, salt content, etc. To clarify the Group’s common position for healthy products and to set concrete frameworks for product development that reflect this, a Clean Label policy has been developed.

Correct labelling and marketing
Marketing to consumers is performed locally by each of the Group’s companies and brands. Our Code of Conduct states that Scandi Standard must provide accurate and non-misleading information in its labelling and marketing of products. All marketing must comply with the relevant legislation and ethical practice. Claims and information on the content and properties of our products must be transparent and fact-based. Scandi Standard complied with this during the year and did not suffer any consequences from any deviations.