Attractive and healthy workplace

We believe that a healthy workplace leads to healthy employees and vice versa. Scandi Standard offers an attractive and healthy workplace.

We want a healthy and safe workplace and a culture where employees are inspired, engaged and motivated. We want to support our employees to take responsibility for their well-being and be our ambassadors for both our brand and goals.

We focus on having employees that are doing and feeling well; healthy employees (reduce sick leave) and reduce accidents. We work every day to make a difference and for example we offer education and information regarding safe working invironment.

A good example is to offer “Healthy Choice of the Day” in all canteens in Scandi; chicken of course! We also encourage physical training in differnt ways, such as "bike to work" in Ireland, competitions in Sweden and Denmark and we offer wellness grant in Sweden. And within the Group we have a goal to have at least one common activity or competition a year with training as focus.

Another great example is the project Break gymnastics in Scandi Standards finnish company Naapurin Maalaiskana Oy.

The Packing Forman, Emmi Kiesvaara, had some back problems and got help from a physiotherapist with some exercises that really helped.

She thought of her fellow employees and figured these exercises would benefit all since the job is hard on the body. After consulting with HR she got the green light to implement a short break gymnastic session at the department. The team now does a short stretching exercise every day at the morning meeting. The response has been mainly positive and others in the team say that they feel better and more awake after having done the exercises.

“The goal is for this to spread to other departments and that employees use the break gymnastics exercises on their own, on breaks, or when they get home from work. In the long run this will give healthier and happier employees and hopefully reduce sick leave”, says Mika Ketola, Health and Safety Coordinator at Naapurin Maalaiskana Oy.

Employee engagement
Scandi Standard regularly conducts an employee survey, ScandiPuls, to find out how our coworkers feel about their work and our workplace, what we are good at and of course what we can improve. We present and follow up the results and activity plans are then completed to make further improvements.

Results of the employee survey ScandiPuls (index where max = 100)






Satisfaction and motivation

69 (73 2)




77 (78 2)



The employee survey measures a number of parameters, including engagement and leadership. An index score of 66–72 is average, while 75 is a good result.
In the 2018 survey, 2,882 employees participated, which corresponds to 94 percent of those who have been employed at Scandi Standard for at least 6 months.

Healthy workplace
Attendance rates and work-related injuries in 2018 for each country







Attendance rates 3)






Work accidents/injuries, lost working hours 4)






Sick leaves and work-related injuries are monitored and followed-up on at each facility. No serious injuries or accidents occurred during the year.

1) No survey was carried out in 2017.
2) Our Irish company Manor Farm participated for the first time, so the comparison figures therefore exclude Ireland: 73 and 78.
3) Percentage of standard working hours, %.
4) Number per million hours worked.