Scandi Standard Sustainability Week

For the first time ever Scandi Standard is arranging a Sustainability Week, in order to create awareness and get valuable input from our great employees. The week will be conducted week 43, 2019, with various of activities across the group.

The Scandi Standard Sustainability Week is available for everyone. Thank you everyone who made this week possible!

Tick-tock goes the clock, as 2030 creeps ever closer. There are seventeen global goals that we, as one humanity, must accomplish to secure a sustainable future – we have to transform our world.

The path to sustainability is long and winding but our hope is to, during this week, envision a more sustainable Scandi Standard. We invite you to listen, discuss, create and learn throughout Sustainability Week and integrate these perspectives into your own work or field of study.

Do you want to join?
We welcome all organizations, companies, public and private individuals to organize seminars, workshops, meetings or other ideas that raise sustainability issues during the week. Perhaps you have your own idea of ​​an activity you want to do during the week but need to find partners?

We urge you to cooperate outside of your own sphere, reach out to other disciplines for a fresh perspective or invite a practitioner to combine theory with practice. Contact Head of Sustainability, Janneke Vackerberg, for more information on planning and participation.

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