Responsible supplier relations

We depend on trusting, mutual relations with our suppliers and other business partners. In addition to chicken, Scandi Standard buys other ingredients, equipment and services from a large number of different suppliers. For production-related categories, such as ingredients, packaging and transports, purchases are coordinated at Group level.

We expect our suppliers to work actively to take responsibility regarding environment, ethics, human rights and social responsibility, in the same way as we do. Scandi Standard’s Supplier Code of Conduct describes the sustainability requirements that we expect all our suppliers and partners to comply with. The code is formulated with the principles of the UN Global Compact and other relevant international conventions* as a foundation.

In 2018, a new version of the Code of Conduct for suppliers was adopted and communicated to our suppliers, along with a questionnaire for self-assessment based on the set requirements. Together with a risk screening tool covering country and category risks, the answers are used for risk assessment and for additional follow-up activities at supplier level. Initially, we focus on five prioritized supplier categories namely live animals, logistics/transportation, technical supplies and suppliers of packaging and spices/ingredients.