The importance of food safety

Food safety and quality are at the top of the prioritiy list at Scandi Standard. We work continually to improve processes and management. The working methods and equipment in our facilities fulfil the requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Scandi Standard's vision towards 2025 is "Better Chicken for a Better Life" and our way of working every day “The Scandi way” is to make a difference: We will promote health and well-being for people, for the chickens and for our planet.

Food safety is essential for people's health and well-being and we emphasise that our production of chicken products is the best way to uphold this. Our customers and consumers should be confident that our products meet the highest standard. All our slaughterhouses and production facilities must be certified to the strictest certification requirements in the food industry and fulfill all legal requirements set by food and health authorities.

Routines to ensure quality and food safety
In our internal quality work, we have focused on critical conditions to maintaining maximum food safety. Our chicken production is controlled by established routines that ensure the quality and food safety. During various stages of the production, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are recorded and tell us about the conditions. Under conditions beyond limits, non-conformity treatment and corrective actions are taken to ensure that the conditions do not occur again.

To avoid that non-conformities, errors or KPIs beyond limit values ​​develop into serious conditions, we have prepared a reporting system directly to the top management of our company. Critical food safety and factors that are of major importance to people's health and well-being are reported to the top management. Management can then quickly act and deploy necessary resources. In this way, we work together at all levels in our organization to optimize food safety and create the best foundation for our vision "Better Chicken for a Better Life".