Climate footprint from energy and transport

We aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from our own production by 40 percent per produced ton of chicken in the period 2015–2025. In accordance with Agenda 2030 and the global climate agreement, our overall aim is to achieve completely fossil-free operations in the future.

Work on energy efficiency is ongoing at each plant. Systematic work with mapping and measures such as recycling of heat and switching to low-energy LED lighting have yielded good results. We have been gradually phasing out fossil energy sources.

In 2017 a new electricity agreement was signed, which means that all facilities are supplied with origin-labelled renewable hydroelectric power. As part of our work to reduce climate impact from transport, we worked with our fuel supplier during the year to install a fuelling station for HVO close to the plant in Valla. All transport vehicles moving in and out can now fill up with renewable fuel.