Safe and climate-smart transport

Different types of transport are a major part of our business. Every day, all year round, we take responsibility for transporting chickens from our farms to our facilities, so that customers and consumers receive the products they need.

It is a matter of course that we work for safe transport to reduce our environmental impact, including reducing fuel consumption and emissions from our own transport.

Our vision and contribution to sustainable transport
Sustainable transport for Scandi Standard is about providing transport solutions that are produced in a responsible and resource-efficient way.

Our ambition within transport is to be among the industry leaders regarding environmental and social responsibility. This requires proactively identifying, tracking and managing transport solutions.

As an example of responsible transport solutions, in 2017 we identified and carried out a project, where all live bird transport to our Swedish factory in Valla and finished goods transport out of the factory were performed by trucks running on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), a form of renewable diesel produced from vegetable fat and oils.

In our Danish division we are currently running a program involving two of the first ten trailers in the world with solar panels on the roof, in order to reduce Co2-emission.

We are dedicated to working on all our sites to create, track and improve various transport KPIs. Our goal is to follow the Paris agreement, and thereby halve our Co2 footprint every decade.

To fulfil this we have an agreement with all our transport suppliers that requires them to follow our business ethics, deliver requested KPIs and urge them to only use highest level of Euro-Norm trucks (EURO 6-Norm). Of course, we continuously follow up and track on KPIs and we have scheduled meetings with suppliers on a regular basis. We don't talk the talk, we walk the walk.